Our Vision 

Our Vision at True Counsel is to inspire confidence and admiration as a provider of well rounded thorough behavioral health care. To be looked upon and considered a valued partner in alliances that promote health and quality of life within our communities and members.


Mission Statement

Our commitment is to design a world class treatment program that appoints customary excellence in the treatment of behavioral health disorders and addictive diseases.  Our aim is to provide a setting where individuals obtain care that empowers them to regain hope and direction in a supportive, caring and compassionate environment. 

To achieve these aspirations, we have formed a team of leading professionals who are continuously cultivating our professional competence through ongoing education, consultation, experience and reflection.  Each member of our team continues to press toward the integrated goal of making True Counsel a Behavioral Health System synonymous with excellent care, phenomenal customer service, and unmatched commitment to families, our communities,  and most of all our patients.

A Step To Better Health